March 1, 2012
Indifference, avoidance and apathy: The Oscars (and Hollywood) are in trouble, and we don’t care


Justin: The early returns are in on this year’s Academy Awards, and Oscar seems to be, well, flat. Ratings reports on the Sunday telecast say 39.3 million people watched the spectacle, a minor increase over last year. And the prized 18 - 49 demographic? It was essentially the same as 2010.

"Essentially the same" would also describe the proceedings, which, for some reasons still unknown to me, I decided to watch. That may be the hate-mongering spectator in me, but I did it, and, wonders of Westwood, it was utterly predictable and stone boring. There are sad parades, there are clown car accidents,  and then there’s what Billy Crystal had to do the other night. Never has watching three hours of self love felt so bad, if not tiring and outright confusing. (And yes, some of that confusion was directed at myself. Kicking myself for not watching Archer on DVR…but I digress)

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